Children's Stories and Activities - By Mari-Dore Studio

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Here is a free image for you to finish and colour. 

- right click and save picture -

copy right image for personal use only.

1. Do you see what's missing?  Please finish the drawing.  

  -  Mary Bear need a right arm with a float on it, just like the left              arm.

  -  Perrry Bear needs both feet with flipper on them so he can swim            faster.

2. Please colour the picture.The water can be either blue or green. The sky is blue.  The sand at the bottom of the picture is light brown or beige. I bet you know what colour the sun is.

3.  Perhaps you would like to add something to the picture.  How about putting some fish in the water?  Did Mary and Perry leave their pail and shovel on the beach?  Are there little, white clouds in the sky?  What else can you add to the picture?

Have fun and watch for the next free activity here on this page.