Children's Stories and Activities - By Mari-Dore Studio

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Let's have a chat.

Hello, Nice to know you.  I thought you might like to know us.  My name is Doreen.  I'm writing on behalf of Mari-Dore Studio, Marilyn Martin and myself.  First, we love children.  Mari-Dore Studio exists because of our love for children and our belief in the their right to love, happiness and their right  to read.

Learning to read can be a challenge.  The pleasure of reading overcomes the challenge.  A book of bright, cheerful pictures that help explain the captions is a great way to start down the road of knowledge and excitement.  Our goal is to help provide children with a fun way to travel that road.

Reading to children is a perfect way to bond together.  Sharing the adventure is fun and rewarding for both the reader and the child.  Begin today.  Choose a childhood book that is close to your heart and take a few minutes to introduce it to your favorite child or children.  The benefits are unsurmountable.

Mari-Dore Studio books are dedicated to advancement in reading.